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Today’s find: Into the light

The splendor of Antelope Canyon can take your breath away. Unless you drive right past it.

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Today’s Find: Crooked

Here’s one reason why we might all want to get to heaven: To witness the epic throw-down verbal sparring match between two of scripture’s heavyweights – Isaiah…and the author of Ecclesiastes.

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Today’s find: Joe & Leonard

It’s hard to know whether St. Joseph was a fan of the popular music of his day, especially given the fact that scripture reports not a single word he ever spoke. Still, something tells me he would have appreciated Leonard Cohen’s lyrical take on the enigmas of life.

I’m thinking in particular about Cohen’s masterful tune entitled “Anthem.” In its refrain, Cohen makes a wry observation:  “There is a crack…a crack…in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

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