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Today’s find: Sanctuary (temporary)

My feeble brain had a tough time processing what I saw this morning when I strolled into the commons of the local middle school: Chairs, chairs, everywhere – some already in tidy rows; others stacked, pending placement. All of them, awaiting the crowds on Christmas Eve.

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Today’s find: Trouble

A comforting aroma…fresh-baked cookies!…filled our kitchen yesterday afternoon. Mommy, Grandma and Big Brother stood just a few feet away, stirring the next batch. Gramps was holding him snug, in a firm and loving embrace.

Still, somehow, little Jonah concluded that everything was not right with his world. Quicker than you can say “ginger snap,” he started going all-Ray-LaMontagne on me.

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Today’s find: Plumbing the generations

It occurs to me that faucet repairs, like salvation history, tend to require a lot of manpower.

At least, that’s the legacy I seem to have received from my father.

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