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Today’s find: Gridlock

A trip that typically takes about 20 minutes…required every bit of an hour-and-a-half to complete on Friday afternoon. And for that, I was glad indeed.

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Today’s find: Travelin’

A certain courageous Mommy I know bundled up her 4-month-old and headed off to Ohio this weekend.

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Today’s find: ‘Yes!’

We’ve turned the page into 2019, and I’m being encouraged, at this King’s House retreat, to say “yes” to the New Year…sight unseen. It’s a Big Ask… Continue reading

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Today’s (#TBT) find: Nuts

It’s a bit warmer in Belleville this January 1st…than last. Still, it warms my heart to recall the rascally encounter I had with the Holy One a year ago today. Perhaps you’ll enjoy the tale, too…

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