Today’s find: Bright lights

We were billed as “The Almost Never Quite Ready for Anytime Players”…and it’s safe to say our amateur troupe lived up to its less-than-stellar promotional designation.

Believe it or not: A sold-out performance...

Believe it or not: A sold-out performance…


There were, shall we say, a few rough edges to our world-premier performance of “The Case of the Deadly Placebo”: Missed cues. Ill-timed ad-libs. Unsynchronized sound effects. Well, you get the picture…


But here’s the amazing thing: The mystery drama was a rousing success. In fact, I’m still getting rave reviews from parishioners who were in the audience on Saturday night. Our humble dinner theater production was far from perfect – and people loved it, anyway.

Author, author!

Author, author!


And a quick survey of my fellow cast members revealed that we all had a great time, too. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the spotlight, warts and all.

Backstage, with a few of the players...

Backstage, with a few of the players…

So what’s up with that?

Attorney and client, conferring...

Attorney and client, conferring…

I’ve been trying to figure out why folks found this little play – our faux-radio-broadcast – so compelling. And a couple of possibilities occur to me: For one thing, they got to see some familiar faces – their fellow parishioners – in a brand new light. And perhaps that provided an opportunity for them to recognize other possibilities in us, and maybe even in themselves.

But mostly, I think the audience enjoyed the creativity of it all. They were entertained by our efforts to make something from nothing – effectively drawing them into a whole new world…without the benefit of a set, and only minimal costuming.

Perhaps, for a short time on Saturday night…and in an admittedly small way…the bright lights at St. Joe’s gave us all a glimpse into how God’s own creative power might work…to fashion marvelous things from the void.

In the beginning was the Word….


The cast, gathering between acts

The cast, gathering between acts


We all basked in the bright lights...

Truly, we all basked in the bright lights…




Let us pause now…to recall that we are in the presence of the Holy One.


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